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Not just UV.

MTS uvc it’s a collaborative mobile robot with an ultraviolet light system to guarantee the disinfection of surfaces. The application of UV rays cross bacterial, viral and fungal cell walls, damaging it reproductive system and prevents it reproduction.

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99.96% Efficiency

The efficiency of the solution in bacteria, fungi and viruses is verified by certified laboratories. There is a decrease in variability in the cleaning process and guarantee of repeatability of the process.

Free of chemical agents

More respectful with the environment than other non-touch technologies. More efficiency and faster, reduced cleaning times. Solution without risk, protection for users.


Autonomous and flexible

100% autonomous solution, the robot can be left working while other tasks are performed. Able to work in a multitude of environments and ability to adapt to new ones. No space modification is necessary for MTS uvc to start disinfecting.

App designed to help the user.

A UX has been developed to help the end user to quickly and intuitively carry out all disinfection tasks. Within the app you can also find a history and traceability area for the tasks performed.

Log in

To know at all times which user is using the robot and to limit access permissions.


When starting the app we will have access to start performing a disinfection, the history and traceability of the equipment, the configurations and the log out.

Operative areas

We will be able to see all the areas that are operative to carry out the disinfection processes.


To be able to store all the information of the disinfections carried out (times, route…).

Another fundamental point is data integrity. Registered and non-manipulable data.


If you ask yourself which sectors it’s aimed at, the answer is all With the current situation, surface disinfections are needed in all areas, it’s for this reason that one of the main objectives of MTS uvc is to be able to apply UV technology in all fields.


Do you want to see the MTS uvc in action? Well here are some success stories.

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Autonomous navigation

The ARMS, using on-board laser scanners, are able to create their own map and position themselves on it.


900 x 600 x 1500 mm (length x width x height)

70 Kg


Autonomy of 6h with the UV system in continuous operation. With stops and starts autonomy from 9 to 10 hours.


CE certified, Disinfection Certified and Clean Room Certified.

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